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Uniqa - Creative Communication

Uniqa helps enterprises improve their service at lower costs by automatic processes, using Integrative top technology platform including Interactive Voice Response (IVR), mobile messaging, web and social network applications. 

Uniqa also offers most creative and innovative Mass Medias solutions, providing automatic telecommunication services, marketing and sales promotions tools, automated billing systems, and much more.

Uniqa aims to improve the consumer's experience, using advanced telecommunication and web application services. Uniqa provides cost effective integrative solution to reach the organization and the brand objectives by developping unique concepts and creative ways, paired with contemporary technology.

Uniqa's media platform includes advanced Interactive Voice Response [IVR] system, control and implementation tools for messaging and couponing campaigns  [SMS, MMS, WAP] with full integration of data sources, web sites and any other digital media. From complicated platforms attribute and implementation to content management solutions, through web services and social networks applications - all sources can be integrated to single database or report.

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